Fashion Shows & Other Drugs

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Well I finally did the damn thing! My first fashion show and here are the results!

Now here are a few things that I learned from a designer‘s prospective in doing this show:

  1. Always document your work and NEVER assume that you will be shown in the spotlight because you’re a good designer. For example; The misspelling of my first name in the program and on the producers blog.
  2. Always come prepared with a business card or portfolio showcasing your best work. I had one show goer tell me that I was the only designer who brought a business card!
  3. Make sure your model brings the goods when wearing your garment, a good model can bring your design to life. One that’s not so good (in my case) will come to rehearsal and do just fine then get in front of a crowd and freeze up like a clam! (I have video to prove it!)
  4. Be consistent in your design aesthetic, I love pencil skirts with uneven hems, as well as negative spaces featured in the designs of my clothes. I also like to give a touch of class to my overall presentation making my garments translate as wearable for any and every woman. Opposed to “Girl, I will have to lose 30lbs to rock that!”

7 thoughts on “Fashion Shows & Other Drugs

  1. I know that show was wonderful… Congrats on everything, this has been your dream since I’ve know you and you are finally putting your print in the sand. Love you!

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