Hollowed Designs

A Custom request was made for self-taught designer and seamstress Anarnia to re-create the character look from the popular 2003 movie, “The Mummy Returns”. Anaksuna Mun the sultry and villainous Egyptian queen played by the beautiful actress Patricia Velasquez. Here is the Youtube video and pictures that helped the designer embody the true essence of the Anaksuna Mun character.

I don’t personally celebrate holidays, however Halloween is a perfect time of year to design outside the box. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to create such an exotic and intoxicating look. Now if only I can get my work photographed buy an equally talented artist, then I’ll be in business! Any budding and talented photog’s looking to build a portfolio and collaborate using my designs contact me!

Material Notes…

sheer stretch fabric, fabric markers, t-shirt paint in black, Neopauqe fabric dye in Metallic Bronze. hand-strung beads and suede for accessories The pattern was draped on the client initially using muslin and cut by me. The trickiest portion of this design occurred when I was hand dying the sheer fabric in a metallic bronze. Trying to dye fabric mesh was extremely challenging, so I had to hand paint the fabric to get the all over bronze effect. Also a note to anyone considering getting a custom look (especially one that comes from a motion picture movie) please consider giving that designer at least a two month time window to complete your design. Let me know what you all think by leaving your thoughts and comments!


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