I take my coffee black.

The $5000 Inspiration!

The color black is a guaranteed no-fail when personal style is concerned. Using inspiration from a set created with my Polyvore account.  I got creative by remixing a pair of faux leather pants and jersey knit fabric into a  pencil skirt with loads of appeal. I don’t know what “style” or fashion era this look is from.  However, words that come to mind are vintage, classic, rich and detail. The sketch I created, long before coming up with the skirt shows a pencil skirt with faux ostrich paneling inserted in the front. and back. I opted for a nice blend of comfort and style by using the stretch panels at the sides as well as the waistband, my curves rejoiced instead of suffering in the name of High Fashion! Of course my spirited toddler B joined me adding fun to the photo shoot done by my good friend Nikki G! So go ahead and get more details about the skirt and one shoulder top by visiting my Etsy store or place and order for your perfect color combo by request. Besides, it’s all about pieces that fit your style!

Thanks for relating…


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